VB.Net & C# Shipping Component
PD ShippingCom TM is a simple component, plug-in for any Asp.Net website or Vb.Net, C# project
We know it can be difficult and time consuming to get real-time shipping rates into your pages. So we created a simple component that allows you to get shipping rates directly from the major carriers.
UPS, USPS, FedEx vb.net C# rate calculator component
Instantly provide fast and accurate shipping rates to your customers.  And, you decide which services you want your customers to see/select.
  • Supports USPS, FedEx, and UPS Legacy APIs
  • Exclude/Include specific rates/services
  • Rename the rates/services to anything you want
  • Directly connects with Shipping companies API
  • Rates are always 100% accurate
  • Rates based on Weight, Destination, Package Size (and Dimensions too) or any combination
  • Built in Interactive State/Country DropDown lists
  • Fast and Very Lightweight
  • Works with .Net 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and higher
How does it work?
All you do is upload this small bin/dll file to your server and you can call the Shipping functions from your own Asp.Net pages (supports both VB.Net and C#).
Same component in the award winning PDshop
This same component has been built into the award winning PDshop online store & shopping cart for over 10 years!
One component. Eliminates the learning curve and time you'd need to spend with multiple (and often complicated) Developer kits* and code examples.
* After you download the PD ShippingCom, you just need to register with each of the carriers to get API credentials (Logins). Then you just Copy/Paste the logins into a web.config file and That's it. Next, use the sample code in our download to integrate or use them as is.

* UPS Legacy API only.  No new legacy API keys are being issued.
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IMPORTANT update for February 2023. All users should install the Latest Update. We recommend updating to 10.076 or higher as soon as possible.