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PDshop will discontinue support for SSL 3.0, following the new vulnerability discovered this week
PDshop, PDshop.com will permanently discontinue support for SSL 3.0 within the coming days.  You may have heard about a new discover announced by Google October 14th, 2014.  A major flaw, vulnerability, in the SSL protocol, SSLv3, has been discovered.  Because of this, SSL is no longer a secure way of sending of receiving information on the internet. It is recommended that you immediately update your browser, and disable the SSL 3.0 protocol in your Internet settings.  

NOTE: If you run a web site or web server, you need to take action immediately and disable this protocol (Contact Us for assistance with this)

SERVER ADMINISTATORS: If you are a system admin, web master, or web server admin, you must disable the SSL protocol on all of your servers. This is NOT done the same way as noted above. CONTACT US for assistance with turning off this protocol. Use Contact Us link above.

PDSHOP USERS: We recommend upgrading if you are using an older version of PDshop, to ensure no connection issues once SSL 3.0 is disabled by the various vendors and APIs that PDshop interacts with.
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IMPORTANT update for end of 2022. All users should install the Latest Update. We recommend updating to 10.074 or higher as soon as possible.