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What do I need to do about all the recent TLS, SSL, SHA256, and RC4 Cipher suite stuff?
What is all the TLS, SSL, SHA256, and RC4 Cipher suite stuff everyone is talking about?

Upcoming and required (and confusing) security changes affecting your website and hosting/server are imminent.  So we've gathered experts to help you.

First things first, if you receive payments or orders thru your website, action is required!

Our Technical Support team, experts with this issue are standing by to help!  

To help make this as easy as possible, we put together a team of experts to help website owners and small businesses assess their compatibility and readiness for all that "TLS, SSL, SHA256, RC4" stuff.  

Right now we are offering a Website Security Checkup, Contact Us.  Our experts can test your website, server, and SSL for compatibility issues and overall readiness.  It's quick and the best way to know for sure if you are ready.

What happens if I don't update my website, server, or SSL?

Secure connections made to web services will fail. You may stop receiving orders or payments.
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IMPORTANT update for end of 2022. All users should install the Latest Update. We recommend updating to 10.074 or higher as soon as possible.