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Troubleshooting the "Unspecified error (0x80004005)" with Microsoft Access databases
Sample Error
You may receive a message like "Provider error '80004005'"
"Unspecified error"
"Database Connection (OLEDB) Exception. Unspecified error"
Solution or Workaround
This error is usually a server side resource issue, or a problem with the database driver and/or it's temporary files.  You can usually correct this by restarting the server, stopping/starting the IIS service, or closing any other applications that may also be attempting to access your database.  

If you are not receiving any other PDshop errors, than PDshop is not currently the cause.  If there is something wrong with your configuration of PDshop, you would receive a more specific error message from PDshop.  

You may want to read the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - #251254, which explains this problem further.

If this problem coincides with higher volumes of traffic to your site, than you may be exceeding the limits of Microsoft Access Databases.  Another possibility is that it could be a corrupt database file, or the database is being opened by another application and is being left in an unstable state.

But things you can try:
1. Have your web host or server administrator reboot the server.  Usually the only way to resolve this error is to reboot the server or recycle the application pool.

2. Download your database file, and do a "Compact & Repair" on it (using the Tools in the MS Access program), see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - #209769.

3. Switch to an MSSQL server database.  MSSQL databases are able to handle huge amounts of data requests, MSAccess is not able to do that and has some connection limitations (especially if the server you are using is sharing resources with other applications or websites).

4. Do not open or edit or move/replace the database file while your website is in use.  Doing so can corrupt the server's temporary database files and cause this error.  Be sure to never open the database file (while it's on the server) with any software, only use PDshop to access data while the database is on the server.
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