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By simply placing a special link on your website, you can earn extra money.
Earn an amazing 25% referral commission
Earn a 25% referral commission when a new customer makes a purchase. For example, if someone clicks the special link on your site, goes to our site and creates an account and makes a purchase, you receive 25% of that sale.
You could easily earn up to $35-$60 for each referral!
For example, you can earn $35 when a new customer purchases PDshop for $139. Or even earn up to $60 when a new customer purchases PDshop with Installation.
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How do I get Paid?
Once a month we will pay you any referral commission you have earned.  If the referral fees payable to you for any period are less than $25, we will hold payment until the total amount due is at least $25.

All earnings are paid through PayPal.  Approximately once a month you will receive an email from PayPal with instructions on how you can withdraw your earning payment.  A PayPal account may be required, however PayPal accounts are free.
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Enrolling is free and takes just a few moments.  After enrolling you will receive your Special Link, that you will simply put on your website.
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