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Is your customer's data safe? Update your web.config Encryption settings to the newer methods.
Data security is being talked about a lot these days, with many security breaches making headlines.  Over the years, the standards set by the governing organizations (like the Payment Card Industry, PCI) have become higher and much stricter.  

If you installed PDshop before 3/17/2014, or started using it before 3/17/2014,   than there is a chance your version was configured to use an earlier encryption method.

Below are some steps you can take to check your encryption settings, and update them if necessary.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: this may be an advanced task for some PDshop users, so if you did not install it yourself we recommend contacting our Support Team for assistance.

How to know if you are using the older encryption:

1. Connect to your web/host server, using your FTP software (or via a File Manager that your web host provides)

2. Locate your web.config file, usually at the root of your web space.

3. Open the web.config file using Microsoft Notepad or plain text editor (you may have more than one web.config files, so make sure its the one that has your PDshop database connections in it).

4. In the AppSettings section, look for the following two keys:
    <add key="crypttype" value="3DES" />
    <add key="passtype" value="HASH" />

5. If you do not see those two keys in your web.config, than you are using an earlier encryption.  You will need to add those two keys.

Contact Technical Support if you need assistance!
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IMPORTANT update for end of 2022. All users should install the Latest Update. We recommend updating to 10.074 or higher as soon as possible.