Reasons to switch to MSSQL
(Microsoft's SQL Server)
If you have a website (or online store/shopping cart) that uses a Microsoft Access database, we recommend that you switch to MSSQL, Microsoft's SQL Server database platform. Let our support team convert your "Access" data to the more professional, robust, secure MSSQL database system.
Upgrade your database to MSSQL
Some Web Hosts and Servers are ending support for Access.
Most major web hosts (G o D a d d y, 1 and 1, for example) have begun migrating users to servers that don't natively support Microsoft Access. This means that if they move your website to one of these servers, which they may do at any time, your website, online store, or shopping cart could stop working.
Safer / More Secure
Unlike MSAccess databases, there isn't a single file that can simply be downloaded... your customer & other data is protected by additional layers of security that Microsoft's SQL server provides
Improved Performance / Faster
Simply put, MSSQL is faster, so your site will be faster*
More Reliable
Microsoft databases are powered by separate Microsoft Database software, that guards your data against corruption and data loss
MSSQL supports thousands of connections
Unlike MSAccess which only supports about 25 simultaneous connections, MSSQL can handle thousands of connections... so thousands of people can be on your website at one time
Using our Shopping cart?
First check to see if you use it. In your Admin click on "Database Tools". If you see "MSAccess" on the database tools page, we recommend a conversion right away.

If you know how many products you have listed in your storefront, you can order our express Database conversion.


No updates or new downloads are currently available.  Check back later for news and updates on products we may be developing. Support has ended for most legacy products and tools.