What are the server requirements for PDshop?
PDshop is powered by Microsoft's ASP (Active Server Pages) or ASP.NET (the .Net framework), depending on the version you have.  

Our app is designed to run on Windows based web servers, and also works on all web hosting services (as long as your plan is Windows based, or the plan says it supports ASP.NET).  

Typically, ASP & ASP.NET is powered by Internet Information Server (aka IIS), which is Microsoft's web server.  Besides installing PDshop on physical, virtual, or cloud servers, it can also be installed on most PC versions of Windows, such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.  

For more on PDshop's requirements or how to install, see the "Support" or "Requirements" pages on our site.
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Article Applies to: ASP (classic Active Server Pages), ASP.NET (Microsoft's .NET)
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IMPORTANT update for 2019. All users should install the Latest Update for 2019. If you are using 10.067 or earlier, you need to update to 10.068 or higher.