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PayPal payments may fail, other orders may be lost, if your web server is not SHA256 compatible
Another deadline is here in a few days, this time it's PayPal's systems.  Like many other web services such as Authorize.Net, First Data, UPS, USPS, and FedEx will be doing soon, PayPal will require that connections to their systems support SHA256 effective Friday.  

The Big Problem... As of today we're still finding many hosting servers are still NOT compatible.  This means that website owners with sites hosted on those servers will begin to experience connection issues resulting in error messages and lost sales.

Why is this important?
Not only do you need to update your website, and your own SSL Certificate, but also the servers your website is hosted on must be compatible with and support remote SHA256 certificates.  Unfortunately this is where we are finding a lack of compatibility.

My website's SSL Certificate says SHA256, do I need to do anything?
YES. ACTION IS REQUIRED.  Even if you have an SSL Certificate for your domain, and the certificate says "SHA256" in the details, that does NOT mean your web server supports making remote connections using SHA256.  The key here is that we're talking about secure connections made from your web server to PayPal, Authorize.Net, UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc to process payments or get shipping rates.

Many web hosts and server administrators are simply unaware their servers are not compatible.  Over the last few months we've tested hundreds of PDshop user's web servers around the world, and we've found 25% of them were not compatible.  Our Support Team has seen a sharp increase in connection errors to UPS in recent weeks for example.

It is strongly recommended that ALL website owners have their website and hosting server tested for compatibility.  Or contact Technical Support to have this test or if you have questions.
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