Still using a Classic ASP shopping cart?
Microsoft has not updated Classic ASP since the year 2000. As far as ecommerce, web technologies, and security... so much has changed. Microsoft's .Net framework (Asp.Net) is replacing Classic ASP throughout the industry.
With PDshop, the transition can be easy!
We designed it to be easy for Classic ASP developers!
Since PDshop was originally built as a Classic ASP application, if you have never worked with VB.NET (but have worked with Classic ASP), PDshop can make the transition to the .Net platform surprisingly easy.
PDshop was originally Classic ASP, now it's ASP.NET and better than ever!
Earlier editions of PDshop were based on Microsoft's original Active Server Pages technology, known today as "Classic ASP". But several years ago we migrated all of our versions to ASP.NET. Today, PDshop is just as easy to use and customize as it's classic ASP counterpart. In fact, it's better, more secure, and has hundreds of New Features.
Classic ASP has not been updated in nearly 12 years
VBscript was the default language for Classic ASP. While it was a great language (very easy to learn, etc), times have changed. Over the last 10 years, web browsers and server technologies have evolved to the point where VBscript and the original ASP is becoming obsolete.

The last major Microsoft update to Classic ASP was in November of 2000.
ASP.NET offers new functionality, more security, more power
VB.NET is the official replacement for VBscript and the popular language in ASP.NET. VB.NET, which most say is just as easy to learn (after all, "Basic" is still in it's name), brings us huge improvements in functionality, scalability, and most importantly security.


No updates or new downloads are currently available.  Check back later for news and updates on products we may be developing. Support has ended for most legacy products and tools.