PCI Compliant Shopping Cart solution
Today, credit card companies are requiring that your business and it's applications be PCI Compliant. This means that your shopping cart must meet certain security requirements.
(PCI-DSS) PCI Data Security Standard
PDshop was designed to meet the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).
(PA-DSS) Payment Application Data Security Standard
PDshop also incorporates more advanced security features to meet other strict standards such as those in the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS).
PCI Compliant certified shopping cart
Some Highlighted Security Features...
  • Meets or Exceeds Industry standards
  • Built to pass PCI Compliance Scans
  • Captcha Verification
  • Security log/audit trails
  • Individual admin permissions
  • Strong password & session login enforcement
  • Dynamically change encryption key
  • Encrypted web.config
    Your settings and database connection string is secure.
  • Secure Checkout pages
    works with any SSL
  • Restrict access to storefront
    You can require customers to login first, ideal for wholesale scenarios
  • Works with Shared SSL Certificates
  • Supports all SSL encryption certificate brands
    You can use an SSL from any provider or web host
  • Credit card data encryption
    All data is encrypted - safely stored in the database
  • Credit card data settings
    Options for hiding, or not storing, credit card numbers
  • PayPal Certified
  • UPS Certified
  • Address Verification
    Works with AVS systems, and the Postal system
  • Passwords encrypted
    All passwords are stored in an encrypted, un-readable state
  • Built in security & data scanner
    Anti-Hacker technology built in
  • Other Anti-Hacker technology built in
    to protect against SQL Injections, Cookie manipulation/forgery, Cross site scripting attacks, Data overflows, Invalid or Harmful Form data, Invalid or harmful Querystring/URL data
  • IP Address tracking
    Helps to track fraud by recording the IP address of the computer used to place the order
  • Built in Fraud prevention tools
    transaction settings to limit number of purchase attempts
  • Multiple Levels of Admin security
  • Custom Error messages/filtering
    hide messages from your users, protects sensitive server information
  • Other Data encryption
    sensitive data is encrypted
  • New encryption methods
    meets higher encryption standards, SHA 256 bit, triple DES encryption, Password hashing and salting
PCI Compliance Scans & Certificate of Compliance
Our #1 priority is the security and compliance of PDshop, it was built to meet the high standards of today.  PDshop includes dozens of advanced security features to help keep it secure and safe for accepting and processing credit cards.

If your merchant bank or credit card company requires that your web server or site be scanned for compliance, PDshop was designed to pass compliance scans.   
PCI Compliant vb.net shopping cart


No updates or new downloads are currently available.  Check back later for news and updates on products we may be developing. Support has ended for most legacy products and tools.