PDshop Installation is as easy as uploading some files!
PDshop consists of files that are very similar to html pages... so they can be uploaded (or "published") exactly the same way, with any FTP program or Web Design software.  Just upload everything to your host server, then begin using the web based Administrator!
Want us to Install it for you?
Sure! If you are not familiar with uploading files to a web server, we offer a very affordable Installation Service.
Will work on any web server or web hosting service that supports ASP.NET.
Works with all the popular web hosting services
Use any web host you wish, you can even use "shared" servers/plans, as well as your own Dedicated, Cloud, and VPS environments.
Minimum Hosting/Server Requirements
Web Host or Server with ASP.NET enabled
PDshop will work with any web host or server with any version of ASP.NET enabled. Works on both 32 bit and 64 bit systems (so any operating system with any ASP.NET runtime version)

You can also setup PDshop on your PC with IIS (Microsoft's built in web server called Internet Information Server).
Supported Databases
PDshop comes with a pre-configured database, you do not need any special database software.
Microsoft Access (MSAccess)
Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL)
MSSQL Express
PDshop can be installed with Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server (any version), and all MSSQL Express editions too.


IMPORTANT update for end of 2022. All users should install the Latest Update. We recommend updating to 10.074 or higher as soon as possible.