Supported Databases
PDshop uses a database to store all configuration, user, order, item, and category data.  All data can be managed using your web browser, using the web based Administrator.  So no knowledge or experience of how databases work is required... the database connection runs seamlessly in the background. 

With PDshop you can choose from the different database formats, Microsoft Access or the more robust database system, Microsoft SQL Server (aka MSSQL). Works with Express Editions of MSSQL too! 
Microsoft Access aka MSAccess Microsoft SQL Server aka MSSQL
PDshop comes pre-configured with a Microsoft Access formatted database, so there is nothing to setup and you don't even need the Microsoft Access program!  However, SQL databases are recommended for better security and performance.  For non-US installations, we strongly recommend setting up with an SQL server database.

Want to use it with your own MSSQL database?
PDshop includes a built in Database Format utility so that you can install with a blank database.  Easy setup, no .sql scripts required!


IMPORTANT update for the new year 2024. All users should install the Latest Update. We recommend updating to 10.076 or higher as soon as possible.